2000SQM |  2018
    Today's Brew


    Persijn Juniper&Kin, boardrooms & hotellobby

    With the interior design of the QO Amsterdam, we want to prove that sustainable is beautiful. You don’t need to sacrifice comfort or aesthetic pleasure to contribute to a better world. At every step of the QO experience, we celebrate the brand’s ethos of sustainable luxury.

    For us, sustainable luxury lives and evolves with its surroundings. It’s always in dialogue with nature and in tune with the senses. That’s why we chose to stage the austere building as the canvas for the experience and use the interior as a “jewel” that adorns it. The building’s authentic structure and materials take the spotlight, amplified by a natural and tactile interior palette. A round shape language and abundant natural light infuse the space with a sense of relaxation and well-being.

    The hotel has a rooftop greenhouse for fresh ingredients in the QO kitchens. We re-interpreted this feature into a greenhouse-style framework that becomes a storytelling thread throughout the hotel. The lightweight structure visually links the different floors, defines zones without the use of heavy partitions and brings the daylight in.

    Each floor and experience has its own nature-inspired colour scheme to set a distinct mood and intuitively guide the guest. Persijn, the Dutch eatery on the ground floor, features a palette of brown, green and ocher, reminiscent of grain fields. The mezzanine reception celebrates the sensorial opulence of Dutch flower fields. The meeting rooms on the first floor evoke Dutch waters with a cool palette of blues and greys. The rooftop bar Juniper & Kin immerses the guests in the intense tones of a starry night - a perfect pairing for the breathtaking view.

    The layout of the space takes after an informal social room with many ways to meet and interact: from enjoying a drink at the bar to lounging on the sofas. The reception island, accessible from all sides, suggests an open and friendly welcome.

    All these elements come together into a living, breathing space that syncs with the building and flow of the day, embodying the philosophy behind sustainable luxury.