Teo Krijgsman
    Hotel Arena


    Hotel Arena is located in Amsterdam’s major public park Oosterpark, within a listed building dating back to 1886. Once a Catholic orphanage, then a municipal sleep-in and eventually a youth and culture centre, Hotel Arena was re-opened as a 3-starred hospitality destination in 2002. Over the years it transformed into a 4-star hotel, undergoing its final renovation in 2017, including a new wing with additional rooms, an event venue in the restored chapel and an integration of two pavilions. The entrance was moved park-side to benefit from the hotel’s lush location within the city park.

    In collaboration with Team V Architecture, we welcomed nature in to design the new spaces. Each area brings the outside in with a warm and natural material palette, complemented by sustainably sourced furniture. Open layouts, plenty of daylight and a greenery transform Hotel Arena into the extension of Oosterpark. One of the major challenges was to preserve the characteristics of the historical building and connect them with the new spaces. We kept the original elements clean and white to showcase the monumental architecture, while giving the new areas a timeless and cozy quality with accent touches like a fireplace or vintage furniture.

    The Park cafe-restaurant, housed in one of the new pavilions, is an organic continuation of the park-side entrance. Here nature and urban dwelling seamlessly blend to offer Amsterdammers and visitors alike an escape from city bustle. The outer glass walls remove the indoor-outdoor boundary and give the space an airy quality. Earthy tones of timber and leather are contrasted with concrete and smokey-blue velvet furnishings to create an eclectic urban vibe.

    Upon entering, a free-hanging fireplace frames the lounge area to create a convivial welcome. The island bar leads into the dining experience, complete with a prepping counter and a wine display at the back. A wooden floor elevation and a grid of reinforced steel over a timber ceiling intuitively call out the dining area within the space. The cocktail zone around the bar transitions towards greenhouses framed by a series of green trellises, where guests can dwell, work and replenish. During the day Park is a relaxing sanctuary in the heart of the city. At night it’s a vibrant hotspot, beaming with energy and light in the midst of Oosterpark.