• A’DAM&Co



    400SQM |  2016
    Teo Krijgsman
    Six Senses


    A’DAM&Co is a members club located on the 18th floor of the A’DAM Toren, a multifunctional tower in the north of Amsterdam. In 2016 the A’DAM Toren was created by Amsterdam’s brightest entrepreneurs. The tower hosts observation decks, cafes, start-ups, a 24-hour club, a music school for kids and a revolving restaurant. A’DAM&Co reflects the tower’s creative spirit by bringing together a community of change-makers with a passion for collaboration. The first of its kind in Amsterdam, the club invites all members to curate its program.

    Our challenge was to create a place of contrasts; a private club that felt inclusive, warm and familiar yet exclusive, spectacular and prestigious. A place where each member felt special and part of a whole. The circular space offered a breathtaking 360-degree views, but also presented acoustic and zoning challenges. As a solution was we created a grand gesture that gathered members around the core and organically branched into more intimate places.

    We took a cue from the tower’s name A’DAM, finding inspiration in the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve gathered around the Tree of Life. A spectacular, abstracted tree shapes the heart of the experience and embraces all members around a grand oval bar. Designed as a freestanding table, the bar creates an informal atmosphere where everyone can mingle freely. The Instagram-worthy wooden tree branches out to define elegant nooks and lounges styled with a mix of antique and modern furniture. The organic framework keeps the space open, inclusive and cohesive, while hiding equipments and stimulating acoustics.

    The material palette adds to the poetry of the space with a contrast of simple raw materials like plywood and refined hospitality textures, such as brass and copper. A cool, all-steel, cosmopolitan lobby sets the stage for the rich experience once you’re in.

    ADAM&Co is winner of the Restaurant and Bar Design Award for the best European bar.