Het Transformatiefonds

    Modular urbanism

    TANK’s Suikerunie proposal creates a temporary city on a former industrial site in Groningen. 500 shipping containers are stacked and connected to create a large variety of building blocks. Some have private balconies or terraces, others blocks have voids that are used as collective living rooms. Some voids house collective program as a restaurant, cinema, sporthal, bar, pool, washing room, bicycle storage, study-/workspace, event space, club, etc. The form and identity of the blocks are a result of how the collective or private spaces are organised within the building. Within the architectural ensemble, the blocks are arranged around a collective courtyard to reach the required density.

    Phase 1 of the plan contains 17 unique building blocks. The different circulation and the arrangement of collective spaces create a wide range of block types and housing types for different users. Students and groups of students houses are accessible through a shared living that wraps through the building. Other blocks for starters or small families have shared rooftops or private balconies. Within the courtyard the containers house a café/restaurant, pool, laundry room or bicycle storage.

    The container interiors are fully prefabricated and shipped to the location by boat. The container structure is then wrapped with an insulating facade (with balcony). The project joins TANK’s exploration of resilient and lively urban environments.