TANKS Homemade concept

    If you want to buy a property in a new apartment complex, there is no freedom to choose an extra window for more views, larger windows for more daylight or a larger balcony. The possibility of choices for the future residents is often limited to the built-in package, with a significant additional price for each personal choice which deviates from the standard package. How can we accommodate, without the additional cost, personal choices that have a positive influence on the apartment quality in the overall design of the building?

    TANK has the solution. The Homemade concepts create a common interest from which both developer and resident will benefit. As a future resident you buy an apartment with a basic façade design that meets building regulations and, among other things, the municipal preconditions. The buyer can choose from various predesigned and detailed options such as larger windows for more daylight, extra windows for better view and a larger balcony for more outdoor living space. By including these buyer options at the early stage and being part of the documents for the contractor selection, there are no high additional costs for the buyer. In addition, when the future resident invests extra in his apartment for more window space or larger outdoor space this will benefit the value of his home.

    In addition to the resident’s freedom of choice over the view, daylight and the size of the balcony, freedom of choice enrich the diversity and vibrancy of the total facade. In principle there is three window types plus larger openings for balconies. Windows become larger in steps of 20 cm, starting from 2m. Although the façade looks random, there are clear rules regarding to the composition.