500SQM |  2018
    Teo Krijgsman


    Friends Call Me Jim is a brand new indoor playground and gym for children between 2 and 7. It fuses an active playscape with state-of-the-art technology and original stories to immerse kids into action and adventure. This hypermodern concept is based on the insight that urban kids move less and less, spending more time on digital entertainment. Friends Call Me Jim combines the best of both worlds, capturing imagination and fostering motor skills through dynamic interactive play.

    Parents are welcome to join in on the fun, socialise, unwind and even do some work without losing sight of their kids. A relaxation lounge with an open kitchen makes them feel at home, offering healthy snacks and drinks.

    Our design purposefully emphasises this connection - between parents and kids, movement and relaxation, play and exercise. The original layout had a clear division of the active and “relax” zones, separated by a solid wall. There was no interaction between the areas and no point for parents to stick around, as they couldn’t see the children. We changed this by moving the “relax” zone to the back and splitting the active zone in two parts, enabling parents to see the full width of the playground. The walls are made from glass, creating a transparent space where everyone feels part of the experience.

    Movement is another essential element of the interior. The ceiling lines break away from a grid into a dynamic pattern that echoes kids’ movements and stretches over the entire space as a unifying gesture. The entrance to the “relax” zone leads through the playscape, immediately embracing parents in the lively energy of play.

    Colour was key in creating a world where both grown ups and kids feel inspired and welcome. We balanced the vibrancy and exuberance of the children universe with modern hues that were equally appealing for grown ups. The tones are fresh, playful and unique, setting Friends Call Me Jim apart from a standard playground.