12.000 m2 |  2018

    Our proposal for a new type of office space makes a radical case for shaking up our traditional notions on life and work. The design marries our views on evolving the uses and functions of traditional offices, with our innovations in architectural design.

    Our plans for Het Makerskwartier accommodate a free-flowing use of space. Rather than space dictating how we act, we propose a building in which our needs dictate the space. The focus of our design lies in forming a healthy and happy workspace at a human scale with the flexibility of a home environment.

    In the structural design we utilise our architectural innovations, merging the Coreless and FAT building with a Bespoke Facade to create a building that can be adjusted to meet changing needs. From interchanging columns, to overhauling the facade, the building can be tweaked as use evolves without the intervention of radical constructive work. This is organic, sustainable approach are further emphasised by adding abundant greenery on the in- and outside of the building and by the sustainable wooden structure.

    More than a place to work, Het Makerskwartier forms a stepping stone into the future.