16.000 m2 |  2018

    Supersize your experience

    The current residential market offers much smaller spaces than in the past due to constantly rising property prices. The space is not only scarce, but also standardised. For this study of the redevelopment in the Amsterdam metropolitan area TANK proposes a chance to redefine this trend. The building has an exceptionally spacious layout with very high ceilings, providing generous space for unique housing configurations.

    The lofts can adapt to individual lifestyle needs: future residents can opt for a super-sized living room or a single large space with freestanding bedrooms. They can even set up their own creative business, such as a restaurant, a film house or a creative agency, should they have an extra space.

    The design also gives the freedom to personalise your facade through various customisations, the TANK called ‘Bespoke facades’ . Each buyer can select bespoke window frames and outdoor spaces from pre-engineered and designed systems that have been approved by the municipality and already priced by the construction company. The split incentive is removed by offering the developer the tools to manage the costs. The residents who have bought a Loft after the completion can still modify the facade according to their needs, within the pre-engineered system.

    In addition to personalisation, the design contributes to a better quality of life with refreshing greenery that extends upwards into a public roof garden. Here, the residents can explore a landscape of different flora and fauna, overlooking the green courtyard underneath.