Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
    16.000 m2 |  2018

    Green Gardens

    City living made greener and more free. Our design for a housing block in Amsterdam's Metropolitan Area, is efficiently wrapped with a simple glass skin to maximize efficiency and offer a unique living product.

    The fully glazed facade and the exceptional high ceiling maximize daylight distribution in the apartment, allowing for a free arrangement of spaces. As such positioning sleeping rooms along the facade is not necessary, resulting in a full width living space. The free flowing layout also provides the possibility of adding at least one additional sleeping room, unlike standards layouts.

    The building is centrally located within a natural landscape surrounded by new buildings. Using greenery in the facade lets the large volume of the building blend in with the natural scenery. Buckets arise - systematically stacked - from the landscape upwards and cover the building with Bespoke terraces, gardens or urban gardens with trees that can be used by residents as they see fit.