• HAL A4

    HAL A4

    HAL A4

    Amstelveen, NL

    Hörnstenen, K&O groep


    TANK reimagined the HAL A4 logistic center and office space near Schiphol Airport and designed a new facade. The new facade redefines the buildings as a whole and reorganises the logistics to a more efficient situation.

    The original situation is fully organised around a cluster of transport and circulation; a building split in two and transport bundled in between. The two front facades are opposed to one another and the paths of trucks, cars and pedestrians intersect in a confined space minimum for the turn of a single truck. The resulting dispersed logistics and the dead-end inner street creates an inefficient and unrepresentative building. The critical point that defines the efficiency of a logistic center, the time required for the handling of a truck, is limited by the buildings organic organisation.

    The initial request to unify the buildings and close off the property is met by a new multi purpose structure. The new facade (a) redefines the front/back sides and visibility from the highway, (b) unifies the two building parts into a single mass, (c) create a secure and save interior street for pedestrians and a variety of purposes, and (d) moves logistics to the abundance of space in the front. By moving the main logistics out of the inner street, TANK proposed to remove unnecessary stone surface to intensify the purpose and quality of the work environment.

    The tight budget of the project challenged the design of a smart and simple solution. The facade consists out of aluminum half-cylindrical profiles mounted with interspaces to the main structure. The interspace allows daylight to pass and maintains visibility.